If son or daughter is new to the band, the information below will help. 

How do I know what's going on with the band?
  • Read the New Parents Survival Guide.
  • See frequently asked questions.
  • Make sure you're on the email distribution list by filling out the Parent Survey.
  • Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events.
  • If you use twitter, reminders about events are posted the evening before the event (posted around 5:00 pm) at FHHSMB.  Also twitter FHHSVikingBands and FHHS_Percussion.
  • Text alerts are available: Boosters: Text @f75c7 to 909-863-4567 -  Marching Band: Text @wrq to 909-863-4567 - Winter A Guard: Text @21aad t0 909-863-4567 - Winter B Guard: Text @d6640 to 909-863-4567 - Winter Percussion: Text @tpv to 909-863-4567
  • At the end of each Marching Band practice Mr. Miller (Mr. Ishman for Winter Drumline or Mr. Martin for Winter Guard) updates the band members on upcoming events, sometimes this information doesn't make it home, if you're there to pick up your child, it's a good idea to step out of the car and listen up.
  • A band buddy will be assigned to your family by the Band Buddy Coordinator.  If you don't know who your band buddy is, then contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • If you have a question or a problem and your band buddy can't help, then use the contact list to reach  the Band Booster Board or Mr. Miller.
  • Try to attend the Band Boosters meeting on the second Thursday of each month, this is where you can ask questions and get the most information.  Make sure you read the meeting minutes.
  • For information about band camp see the Marching Band webpage.
  • To read about family accounting, please read Family Accounting Information.
  • If you're interested in fundraising to pay for band, then please see the fund-raising page of the website, If you're interested in fund-rasing with SCRIP, make sure you read the SCRIP Information page.
I would like to help, what can I do?
  • The band can use help moving equipment at band camp, after practices, at football games and during competitions, just walk up and ask "what can I do?"
  • Fill out the Parent Survey and identify areas you can help, for instance: Fundraising, sewing, food prep /  serving, moving equipment, transporting students, prop building, etc.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator coordinates the various volunteer activities, the  coordinator can be reached via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • The Francis Howell Invitational is held the second weekend in October, this is a huge event that requires every one's help, the invitational is also our largest single fundraising event, the hours you work will contribute to your child's band account, see Family Accounting Information for information about your child's band account.
  • In addition to learning how to march and play music your child will be learning responsibility, discipline and teamwork.  There will be positive changes in your son or daughter, encourage them when the going gets tough and be sure to congratulate them when they do well.